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Definition or Meaning of SMARTNESS

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Definition or Meaning of SMARTNESS
“” With modernity, the way of the earthly lifestyle is called smartness. “”
“” Along with being ideologically, the way of living life related to ground reality is called smartness. “”
“” Smartness is the act of presenting a glimpse of practicality in conduct along with ideas. ””
– Meaning according with MANAS –
– Scientific Method –
When scientific method is reflected in thoughts, baseless facts disappear.
– Motivation –
Motivational thoughts, once in a while, work to breathe life into the dead.
– Adventure –
Adventure motivates to try something new again and again.
– Reality –
Reality always keeps close to ground reality as well as practicality.
– Timeliness –
Timeliness introduces not only the value of time but also the strength of time.
– Negotiations Art –
The art of negotiations not only trades but also makes profit by managing losses with behavior.
– Entrepreneurship –
Entrepreneurship is one of the best skills of human lifestyle.
– Self reliance –
Self-reliance is not a necessity but a rite to be proud of oneself.
– Seriousness –
Seriousness is just an exercise in showing awareness of all habits.
“” By the way, the ideology which has Scientific Method, Motivation, Adventure, Reality ,Timeliness, Negotiation Art, Entrepreneurship, Self reliance , Seriousness is also called  “” SMARTNESS “”. “”

Manas Jilay Singh 【 Realistic Thinker 】
Follower – Manas Panth
Purpose – To discharge its role in the promotion of education, equality and self-reliance in social.


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