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Meaning of Woman | महिला का अर्थ

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महिला की परिभाषा | महिला का अर्थ
Meaning of WOMAN | Definition of WOMAN | Mahila Ki Paribhasha

“” Woman “”

W – Wisdom with practicalities
“”” व्यावहारिकता के साथ बुद्धिमान “””

O – Obedient with kindnesses
“”” दयालुता के साथ आज्ञाकारी “””

M – Motivational with humbleness
“”” नम्रता के साथ प्रेरणादायक “””

A – Artist of making a character
“”” चरित्र बनाने वाली कलाकार “””

N – Narrative of love, courage and dedication with family

“”” परिवार के साथ प्यार, साहस और समर्पण की धारणा “”

These qualities make a character, that’s call “” woman “”.

“” बुद्धिमान, दयालु, विनम्र होते हुए प्यार, साहस और समर्पण की प्रेरणादायी प्रतिमूर्ति ही महिला कहलाती है। “”

These valuable are views on Meaning of WOMAN | Definition of WOMAN | Mahila Ki Paribhasha
महिला की परिभाषा | महिला का अर्थ

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18 days ago

 A Woman who inspires me 

-Mohit Jangra  

A question arises why did I choose a woman as a source of inspiration for my article, it could also be  a man or whatever, well there a few reasons- 
 Whom did Leonardo da Vinci choose before painting the most infamous painting – Mona Lisa ,a woman right ?  
 And why do we associate a goddess with a god in Hindu Mythology like  RadhaKrishna , SitaRama and many more . 
Now that I think that this much explanation is ok, the question arises which woman ? well, woman in  herself , in this competitive world -women are reaching great heights and are achieving world fame . 
My MOM has always being the source of inspiration to me ( as the question requires ) .  Here’s why – a sister to 2 brothers and a girl child in the family . From a very young age, she was  instilled with a sense of caring and adjustment. But her dreams and passion of teaching knew nothin’  like adjusting. Soon after marrying my father, she started teaching hindi/ social(yeah!)/Sanskrit in a  reputed school . And we as a family used to get transferred after every 3 years or so . It was difficult  for her to manage and live with 2 children .  
So what is the point of all this , you see, it is from the hardships of a person that we learn or get  inspired from. I mean ,when you see a person struggling and then when that person gets out of it ,  we tend to get more inspired like take the example of any great personalities – Albert Einstein,  Nikola Tesla and many more .  
My MOM has been a source of inspiration in many ways . She is really passionate and like every  other Mom in this UNIVERSE -disciplined . From a very young age , I have always tried to get thos  characters which define her.  
Now many might argue that this is more of a writeup on my MOM but you see, if I would have taken  Serena Williams , I would always talk about her achievements but her role as a mother to her own  child and many like others – goes unnoticed . It is the same her – we just need to get one thing clear  that mothers are also women and should be appreciated for her efforts . 
Now that I have satisfied you with my answers ( in a way ,I guess ) , till then thanx .  

Sanjay Nimiwal
16 days ago


Amazing creation of god…

जो भी लिखा या कहा जाए वो कम ही होगा ।

Garima Singh
Garima Singh
16 days ago

Thank You Sir

Devender Kumar
16 days ago

Ishwar ki ek lajawab Rachna