Monday, March 20, 2023

Motivation to Manas “” Amar Pal Singh Brar “”

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Motivation to Manas “” Amar Pal Singh Brar “”

Honorable Sir, in his personal life, he has been a symbol of sacrifice, dedication and ideal. While giving education services, along with the responsibility of social life, it has also fulfilled the spread of education very well. I got the feeling of being practical and soulful along with making a building of them. At the same time, I have got the good fortune of being their friend. It is not only wonderful for me, but it is also very special for me. In short, it is just that I cannot express my gratitude in words


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Manas Shailja
1 year ago

Such a symbol of Education

Amar Pal Singh Brar
Amar Pal Singh Brar
1 year ago

Dear Jilay Singh

Thanks for introducing me to this nice initiative for promoting humanitarian and scientific approach