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Motivation to Manas | Dr. Rajpal Singh

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Motivational Person | Motivation to Manas | Dr. Rajpal Singh

Honorable Sir, today in his personal life, he is being adorned as an icon of sacrifice, dedication and high ideal. While giving services of high level education sector at national and international level, you have also fulfilled the social responsibility very well. You not only guided me more indirectly than directly, but also taught me to move forward with sacrifice, dedication and cooperation.

Along with my parents, you also played the role of giving complete freedom to your children. Your sparkling lifestyle has been an inspiration to me. Indirectly taught me the skill of achieving the goal with strong will. You have also shown this in your life by bringing a feeling of self-reliance to the weaker than yourself. There are so many reasons that made me choose you as a role model. I have also had the immense privilege of being called your nephew. For me they are not only wonderful, but very special and exemplary.


Manas Jilay Singh 【 Realistic Thinker】
Follower – Manas Panth
Aim – To discharge its role in the promotion of education, equality and Independence .


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Manas Shailja
2 years ago

Really Great Intellectual and Revolutionary Person.

I am lucky because of relative.

Sunita Arya
Sunita Arya
1 year ago

He is an all-rounder, and a great teacher. He has never stopped smiling and has always kept an optimistic attitude. He has never even mentioned of being tired. He loves to work and likes to keep himself busy always. He is quite workharding and has remarkable consistency. Even at the age of 72, he is still youthful and lively. He is very down to Earth and has never hurt anyone. There is just so much about him that cannot be expressed merely with the help of words.
I’m proud to have him as my father.

Vidura Arya
Vidura Arya
1 year ago

He is the best man ever. A great grandfather, father, and husband. His dedication, values, and ethics sets him apart. He has a heart of gold, and a spine of guts. He is a living legend. Thank you Mama Ji for these kinds words on him.