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Definition or Meaning of CHOICE

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Definition or Meaning of “CHOICE ”

“” CHOICE “”

“” The path that leads you to success is called by choice. “”

“” That aspect which fulfills your desire is called by choice. “”

Views with manas –

“” Conceptual “”
Conceptual quality proves the meaning of life.

“” Hierarchy “”
The principle of compilation in hierarchy is proved.

“” On target “”
Being On target ensures the success of the work.

“” Intent””
Clarity of intent is the pivot of its result.

“” Conclusive “”
conclusive research always provide good response.

“”” Exact “”
Exact assessment gives the right direction to the work.

“” By the way Conceptual hierarchy when On target with Intended and Conclusion then it is called choice. “”

Manas Jilay Singh 【 Realistic Thinker】

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Manas Shailja
1 year ago

great thinking