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Definition or Meaning of Smart

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Definition or Meaning of Smart
“” SMART “”
“” The person who gives priority to reality from time to time along with modernity is called “” SMART””. “”
“” Making life a sign of progressiveness with ethics is called ” SMART “. “”
 According with Manas  –
 Scientific –
“” The scientist is the one who tries to make human life simple, pleasant and develop it according to nature. “”
Motivator –
The one who insists on achieving success and achievements through struggle in life is called motivator.
Adventurous –
Putting aside the difficulties, writing a new script only makes everyone adventurous.
Realistic –
Realistic think not only makes you aware of the reality of life but also encourages it to do something new.
Time Oriented –
Time-oriented not only knows the value of time, but is also aware of the beauty of time.
“” By the way, The Person who is Scientific, Motivator, Adventurous, Realistic with Time-Oriented, Then he is called “” SMART “”
Manas Jilay Singh 【 Realistic Thinker 】
Follower – Manas Panth
Purpose – To discharge its role in the promotion of education, equality and self-reliance in social.


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1 year ago

Time-Oriented …..the beauty of time.

Manas Shailja
1 year ago

great thought