Monday, March 20, 2023

Motivation to Manas “” Dr Rajendra Gupta “”

Motivation to us

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Honorable Sir, today in his personal life, he is being adorned as a symbol of sacrifice, dedication and ideal. While giving health services, the responsibility of social life has also been fulfilled very well. I got the feeling of being practical and soulful along with making a building of them. He has contributed a lot in teaching me to strike a balance between imagination and reality. For this reason, I have also got the privilege of adopting him as a guru. For me he is not only wonderful but very special. In short, it is just that I cannot express my gratitude in words.


Manas Jilay Singh 【 Realistic Thinker】

Follower – Manas Panth
Aim – To discharge its role in the promotion of education, equality and Independence .


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Manas Shailja
1 year ago

Great and Humble Personality

Rajendra Gupta
Dr Rajendra Gupta
1 year ago

Thanks a lot for this appreciation but in reality you deserve more than me Really you are a great impressive corner of my life

Ajay swami
1 year ago

Good thinking